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gold record

Bartholomäus Traubeck 'Years' tree ring record player plays wood rings on a turntable

XMqeWam.gif (146×240) O_O

Li Hongbo — Sculptures en papier

AMAZING Flexible Sculpture by Beijing artist Li Hongbo. Thousands of layers of soft white paper carve into a bust.

My Wonderful World. Gold vinyl. #music

yellow LP - I actually have one. It's a Side Effect album called "Going Bananas! Yep, things have changed.


Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Cube Tray/Chocolate Mold Must get one!

Paul Neagu ‘Palpable Object (Mosaic)’, 1970 Wood, leather, metal, plastic and glass

Paul Neagu ‘Palpable Object (Mosaic)’, 1970 Wood, leather, metal, plastic and glass

¿Eres aquellos que se levantan muy perezosos y ni siquiera pueden mover la cuchara del café? Pues para tí tenemos esta innovadora taza se remueve sola de forma automática. Sin duda alguna el mejor regalo para endulzar el despertar de los más remolones.

Self Stirring Lazy Mug and was created by Plain Lazy to hold your tea, coffee, hot chocolate or other mixed drink, and by pressing the special button on the handle it starts to stir your drink.

El Sol en una botella: captura el sol de día e ilumina por la noche

Consol glass solar jar lantern Condition New This glass jar is literally bottled sunshine, it harnesses solar energy to provide a lovely l.

Wall Mounted Fish Bowl - $15

Wall Mounted Fish Bowl

New Fish Wall Mounted Bowl/Aquarium Wall Hanging Tank/ Plant Decoration Pot.

Invisibility Cloaks, “Quantum Stealth Technology” Becoming a Reality For Soldiers.

Quantum Stealth Invisibility Cloak, From Canada's Hyperstealth Biotechnology, Gets Pentagon Backing, Article.

Removable webcam covers for laptop, mobile, and kinect. Pack of 8

These camera covers cling to the glass or plastic of your electronic devices to ensure that no one is watching you. They dont use any adhesive they

Burgundi lamp WesternTrash

Burgundi lamp WesternTrash