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Mercier-Jones Hovercraft

Mercier-Jones Hovercraft

Mercier-Jones Hovercraft (Mercier-Jones has brought modern design to the hovercraft in order to bring the most advanced recreational vehicle to everyone. The Mercier-Jones hovercraft is still in development and not yet for sale.

my own mini sub? awesome sauce
I didn't originally write "awesome sauce" but I'm gonna keep it anyway ;-)

The Dolphin was the first enclosed submersible watercraft designed and built by Innespace. The Dolphin has been a research and development platform for many of the engineering concepts that have been incorporated into the new Seabreacher.

Rather than the industrial look of most hovercrafts, the Mercier-Jones was inspired by high performance supercars and speedboats, with sleek bodywork that falls somewhere in between, reflecting its amphibious nature, says company CEO and Michael Mercier.    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2013/01/03/chicago-team-pitches-revolutionary-new-hovercraft-design/?intcmp=HPBucket#ixzz2GyagpNwq

The Mercier-Jones hovercraft design was inspired by luxury sports cars. The Mercier-Jones hovercraft is powered by a gasoline engine and electric cars sport cars vs lamborghini cars sports cars

Japan unveils a prototype of 310 mph Maglev Train this week, designed to reach speeds of around 310mph, by using magnetic levitation.

Japan unveils prototype of 310 mph Maglev Train


Fiat Jolly - The Ultimate Beach Ride! Fiat Jolly - The Ultimate Beach Ride! Fiat Jolly - The Ultimate Beach Ride!


This EXO Concept Jet-ski puts out zero emissions and zero pollution along with a great looking design. Maybe this will make people hate jet-skis a little less.

This $10,000 Technology Can Boost the Driverless Car Market | Houston Chronicle

This $10,000 Technology Can Boost the Driverless Car Market

Cruise aims to make a self-driving car out of one you already own - AIVAnet

future automobiles | VW has peeped into the future of cars with VW 2, 3, 4 wheelers in the ...

Future Transportation - Futuristic vehicle: Volkswagen Ego Car Concept for 2028

REDRAY 4K Cinema Player

REDRAY Cinema Player: The REDRAY Player from RED is the first plug-and-play-friendly device capable of providing

Sony 4K Home Theater ES Projector

We'll have an open house on to demonstrate this new release. Four times the standard 1080 p resolution. Sony Home Theater ES Projector

Star Wars Hover bike becomes reality

The Aerofex hover vehicle recalls the futuristic look of Star Wars speeder bikes. Hope for the future for adventurous wheelchair users!

powered skates

履くセグウェイ?! 電動スニーカー「spnKiX

Walking is difficult. You've got to use all those lousy leg muscles, not to mention overload your brain with orders to move each individual leg in a tiring synchronized motion. Thankfully now you can move effortlessly with these electric motorized shoes.

White Ferrari 458 awesome!                                                                                                                                                     More

The Fabulous Ferrari 458

Mansory Ferrari This company messes around with Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Audi (to name a few) cars as well. Does anybody actually like the end product, other than those with more money than sense, who buy the things?

What Batman's Porsche Carrera GT Would Look LikeI don't like it in flat black but I love this car!

Matte Black ~ Limited Edition ~ of The Porche Gemballa Mirage GT! This is An Awesome Sports Car, & that is putting it mildly!