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Name: Hazelpelt rank: Warrior/deputy siblings: Nutear, Sandpaw death by: dig fox thingy Pet Accessories, Dog Toys, Cat Toys, Pet Tricks

Those eyes

paper done with Prismacolor colored pencils and a little acrylic white paint for the ear hairs and a few stray hairs. I called this city skyline because of the reflection in her eye.

b1e4a3e89777cf4efb31c8382fe4f602.jpg 500×888ピクセル

b1e4a3e89777cf4efb31c8382fe4f602.jpg 500×888ピクセル

Beautiful cat!

The Birman cat breed, also known as the snowshoe cat. Information and advice about Birman cats and Birman kittens care, with pictures of both cats and kittens.

Snow never looked so adorable.

Snow never looked so adorable.


cat haha cute fluffy rainbow photo kitten animal meow white cat too cute Unique furry rainbow dash great meowing grey cat rainbow cat animal photo animal picture

You missed a spot.

Why Do Cats Meow At Humans

Today, 17 August 2014 is Black Cat Appreciation Day! Original Pastel Painting Black Cat Kitten Schwarze Katze Chat Noir Art by Aia


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