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Lets you use your iPad wirelessly through your computer (like many other apps), but this one shows your iPad screen instead of your computer screen.  UPDATE: Paid version is TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Air Sketch for the iPad -- Turn your iPad into a wireless whiteboard! Annotate PDF documents and images live.

Skoolbo | About

The world's largest educational game ever and it's FREE! Designed to help 4 - 10 year olds strengthen their Core Skills in literacy and numeracy.Available for Apple, Android, and PC devices (computers & tablets).

Digital eBook Bundle http://www.experioninst.com/digital-ebook-bundle/

The fiction novels are diversified ranging from almost all disciplines and human imagination. Perhaps the most commonly heard are science fictions which involve the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence and biotechnology.

iMovie for iPad 2: Tutorial    Explains every part very simply and clearly

Short tutorial on how to create an imovie using the imovie app and an Easy and simple tutorial.

How To Lock Kids On An App - No more getting into things they are supposed to be in!Double click for full view.

(Very nice) Step by Step on how to lock your kids into apps on your iPhone/iPad/iPods (using Guided Access)! No more getting into things they are supposed to be in!--- but this is for my new iPad.

Easily Convert Pictures into Cartoons Using XnSketch iPad App ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

XnSketch is an iPad app that allows you to take pictures on your iPad and turn them into cartoons or add sketch effects to your pictures. You can also use the app to affect the color saturation and…

The eBook was born from the idea that he wanted to share some of the Apps collected that have a relevance to teaching and learning. Itís evolved into much more than anticipated.    It is clear, though, that the main goal in compiling this book is the hope of saving teachers and parents time when searching for suitable Apps or strategies to use in this challenging and throughly exciting period of time.

"An Educator's iPad" A eBook written for educators and parents who have an interest in mobile learning and especially in the use of Apple's iPad tablet.

..:: Market 4 APK ::.. - The All In One Site For Your Android Device.

Transform images with core Adobe® Photoshop® features in an app designed for tablets.