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Note to self

Note to self. Placing this on my picture board at work and texting to both of my daughters. Love these affirmations.

Haven't worked out for months!

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Yes and yes.

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Motivational Quotes: Make your supporters proud and your haters jealous.

Even when you're on the verge of doing so, cry it out, have your pity party (God knows I have them all the time), sleep on it and then pick yourself up and continue fighting. Life really sucks sometimes, but it also has those good parts where you smile and make all the memories that have kept you going in the first place :)

Don’t try to overhaul your life overnight. Instead, focus on making one small change at a time. Over time, those small changes will add up to big transformation. Don’t give up!

"It's not about "having" time, it's about making time." #fitness #quotes

“It’s not about having time. It’s about MAKING time.” No more excuses. Set the tone for the week by getting a workout done. If you’re feeling tired, try doing a quick 10 minute workout. Any exercise.