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do you mind if i knit: Sewing up knitting or crochet with an invisible stitch.

do you mind if i knit: Evangeline imagines having tea with the Queen.

do you mind if i knit: Some basics in crochet for you, before I start showing you the pattern for the sisterhood crochet blanket squares

here I am, as I promised yesterday, back to show you the other Evangeline I recently finished. Evangeline, as a truly English little mouse, is very partial to a cup of tea. A cup of tea and a chocolate.

Cinderberry Stitches: I LovE loNg wEekeNds

Cinderberry Stitches: New pattern - Sew & Store

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Mini grasshopper pies in a jar

Old Sweaters Blanket

old sweater quilt- buy wool sweaters at the thrift store, wash them on hot to felt them and cut them into squares

Aesthetic Nest

Aesthetic Nest: Crochet: Best Baby Cloche and Tutorial

DIY SHIRT : DIY Two-Tone Cardigan

Two-Tone Cardigan by Stacie Grissom using two inexpensive cardigans of the same style from Target

Crochet an eco-friendly bag to carry fresh produce from the farmer's market, daily essentials, or to tote your refillable water bottle. This is a quick and easy bag crochet pattern in eco-friendly cotton yarn.

Eco Friendly Bag

Tea cup cozy made from the sleeve of an old sweater.

use parts of an old sweater sleeves to make a cup warmer.Aiken House and GArdens