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This world we live in... Uhh!!

Soul says, "This disgusts and angers me. There's something terribly, terribly wrong when our "justice" system puts away a rapist (& MURDERER) for less time than someone who shared digital files. Are you freakin kidding?

<3 this! Too much pressure on image nowadays & it can hurt girls. Always be encouraging to children.

Never say negative things about your body in front of children. Always say how proud you are of what you have achieved, and say only positive things about your body. Let's help create more positive body image for our future generations.

This is False: see explanation here -> http://www.snopes.com/politics/clintons/zeifman.asp I'm not saying she's an ethical person (email server scandal), she's just not guilty of this one.

Hillary Clinton was actually fired from the Watergate Committee for FRAUD and ETHICS violations! That was just ONE time she got Caught!

I like this one. Some libtard on here asked me for a list as to why Obama should be impeached; well here ya go! --D. T.

Obama truth What is wrong with the American people? Please wake up…

Ann Romney wears a $ 990 dollar dress shirt and the media ATTACK her as wealthy, out of touch, and her husband's campaign as "tone deaf."   Michelle Obama wears a $ 6800 jacket and the same people CELEBRATE her elegant style as "fit for a queen." the obamas are rich assholes that pretend theyre just like everyone else...they smooze with billionaires too

Both paying to much. But the media praising one & attacking the other makes no sense.

Our president's willingness to sacrifice our sovereignty on every front is surreal...

The most awesome images on the Internet

There is no other country on the planet that allows this! Share if you agree we need immigration reform. Stop the Insanity. This would be funny if was not so true.

Aisha: Jay-Z Photographed Wearing A Shirt Showing Satan Having Sex With Jesus  UJD: No matter how you slice it, money just highlights what's already there in the heart. This is a new low for Jay-Z. Not surprised though.

BLASPHEMY: Jay-Z Photographed Wearing A Shirt Showing Satan Having Sex With Jesus - Jay-Z made an appearance in public wearing a blasphemous t-shirt said to feature Satan raping Jesus. JAY-Z is an ASSHOLE

But that is EXACTLY where the liberal agenda is intended to go....THEY HAVE GUNS TO CONTROL YOU. That can't happen until they DISARM you. But trust them...THEY JUST WANT TO KEEP CHILDREN SAFE...says the Administration that just BLESSED the ABORTION CLINIC.

Guns keep us safe against people that want to hurt us. Why do you think the military has guns? Obama, those secret service agents are keeping you safe with guns!