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I love how oblivious cas is to things like that, he is just so pure it goes right over his head, just like Tom Hiddelston

Sams face 😂😂 And Cas is like "I'll watch you!" And deans just embarrassed 😂 Sams loving this. And Cas loves Dean.

supernatural winchester

Poor Sam and Dean having to prove they are fans of themselves. I want to get this anti-possession symbol As a tat like Sam and Dean!

You know that's right.

This is dead on. As soon as Dean said that I took out my phone an texted my friend "I love Dean." XD (Supernatural) I was team dean when he had sammy pinned to the ground and gave that impish little grin like got ya little bro haha :)


I'm in a laundromat reading about myself in a laundromat, reading about myself. My head hurts. Supernatural The Monster At The End Of This Book

Supernatural :)

Route 666 "I miss conversations that don't start with 'so this evil monster truck.'"<<< I personally miss conversation that start with 'so this evil monster truck' ⌒.

The sleeping cast. Meanwhile Misha... Sorry, I'm getting through "Meanwhile Misha" phase. This man is awkward as hell.

The Supernatural Cast Sleeps. Meanwhile, Misha.and did I see Crowley wearing a Doctor Who shirt? <-- Pinning for Crowley's Doctor Who T-Shirt!


One hot meme

God I love how Misha just leans in real close and he's like "don't freak out, don't freak out" << I wouldn't mind Misha Collins that close to my face ;

You know too...

the rest of us just KNOW. what plaid shirts, leather jacket and trench coat mean.

The boys and Charlie are perfect together. I hope we see more of her in season 9!

We've All Been There

The fact that this is basically Supernatural and its fandom. Netflix- "h." Me- "Running from my problems." Netflix- *opens arms* "Come on in and I'll start playing Supernatural for you. Thank you, Netflix.

the whore

99 Problems - "What is she exactly?" "The whore." "Wow, Cas, tell us what you really think.

Well hello to you too ;)

"The lady on the news just said two brothers in their mid-thirties were recently arrested for multiple counts of murder and 9 years of credit card fraud ." IT'S PERFECT!