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Students develop nail polish to detect date-rape drugs

Nail Polish That Changes Color When Exposed To Date Rape Drugs nail polish amazing interesting fact facts safety safety tips students good to know

Pass it around!! @madisonparet @megannogueira but we should do this for the retreat because it's civies!!!

Pass it around!<<<I'm in to many fandoms! I'm gonna look like a frickin rainbow!but mostly homestuck-----> I'm gonna be so colorful.IDK if I have some of these colors even.---> omfg is fandom day on my birthday!

Don't know how old this is but I'm gonna post it anyhow

STOP SOPA PIN TO ALL UR FANDOM BOARDS! usually don't do this but this seems actually worth it<<<< i just find this hilarious, sopa means soup in my native language, catalan, sorry 😞

This little boy is soooo sweet. Most little boys would rather die then get a pink cast. We all need the support that he has. Rock on, young one. We are proud of you! Not all males are corrupted and see girls as worthless

Send me a pic of you do it and I'll post on one of my boards.

Send me a pic of you do it and I'll post on one of my boards. <<< The moon & the Yin Yang.totes going to do that lil' comment too^^^