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京都を歩く(185) 新春の風物詩 三十三間堂の通し矢と全国女子駅伝 (京都駅周辺

Kyudo (Arte de arquería japonesa). Nakamura Sensei of the Nanka Kyudo Kai.

Kyudo (Arte de arquería japonesa) Kurtis Nakamura of the Nanka Kyudo Kai

Counting in Japanese! Useful when learning the Tomiki walking  kata as movements are performed while a leader counts to eight in Japanese.

Numbers in Japanese- Martial Arts [don't know what it has to do with martial arts. just like counting to ten in a lot of languages.

FightingArts.com - Kyudo: Way Of The Bow - Part 1

Kyudo, or way of the bow, while derived from one of Japan?s oldest martial traditions is not practiced today as a martial art, or a sport, but as a form of spiritual practice associated with Zen.