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goaltender (noun) - The one brave player willing to have pucks chucked at his face all in the name of hockey.and enjoys it. I have all respect for goalies

So true.

Chirp, Chirt, Chirp: Boston Bruins Fans Are The Worst Ever!

Keep calm and watch hockey...right. It's more like jump up repeatedly, cheer as loud as you can, scream at a bad call and have an anxiety attack before the end of the first period. I love being a hockey mom.

Although it is kinda hard to stay calm while watching hockey. Especially the Red Wings Lately.

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Me during hockey season, no joke! It's best to talk to me during commercials and after commentary when the Lightning win LOL!

Of course, I have several wonderful women in my life that don't, but oh well.

real women watch hockey, even after their favorite team has been eliminated in the playoffs :-)