Explore Spirit, The O'jays, and more!

We experience our faith and how the Spirit of God works in our gatherings. These are miracles!

God does not care about countries and frontiers.

If you put your faith into practice you will go much more calmly and relaxed through life.

Lets think about God's patience with us. If we think about that then surely we can be patient with our neighbor.

May it be noticeable in every congregation: This is a congregation in which God and the Lord Jesus really rule! Here the Holy Spirit works!

God knows what there was, what there is, and what there will be. And in His extensive love He turns to each and every one of us.

I wish for everyone to experience: God is with me.

Let us see to it every day that the light of faith, of hope and of love shines in our hearts and illuminates our surroundings.

He who wishes to experience God must firstly become still before he can even begin to think about the ways and will of God.