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so wish I was allowed to open my mouth on some stuff

I will not stay silent. I will speak out and speak up. I will be an advocate for equality, for women, for children, and for the voiceless. Because it's the right thing to do.

So true! I'm gonna stop always being the one that starts our conversation. If you miss me, want me or care about me, you'd show it

If they care, theyll show it. If not, they arent worth your time love love quotes quotes quote care miss girl quotes sweet quotes.Very true.

Makes you think!

Instead of posting on a minors face book " God doesn't like Ugly People" maybe you should check yourself in the mirror and see Adults who bully, slander and stalk minors.


I already met the one in my life time and that is you Noelia. The love of my life.

You deserve the best of everything!

In Life if you are willing you can ALWAYS become a Better Person. I now have but I wish it hadn't taken me so long. Cause I lost a lot in the process of not wanting to learn.