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Trump is a Ignorant, Sick, Paranoid, Pathological Liar who is Unqualified and Undeserving to be President of The USA.

In the face of so many even worse possible outcomes with Trump and the Rethuglikans, at the least we can expect to have a vastly strengthened Oligarchy!

"We are now in a free fall toward old-fashioned oligarchy - that noxious, thieving, tyrannical, oppressive species of government that America's original settlers fled Europe to escape." - Robert F.

She sold her soul to the Devil for 1.9 million dollars. She's getting rich off of a man she loathes. It's the GOP way.

She sold her soul to the Devil for million dollars. It's the GOP way.


Repugnant-cans - If 147 executive orders make Barack Obama a "czar" and a "tyrant," then what do 291 make George W. Bush, 381 make Reagan, and 166 make Bush Sr.

John - look at the horrible TShirt on the right.

Home grown terrorism is much more likely to harm you than is radical Islamic terrorism. Just ask the FBI

She has a point.  Fracking waste is now legally injected into the deepest of California's aquifers. The cleanest water ruined forever.

Winona Laduke was one of my heroes growing up and always symbolized for me the strength a single person can have, changing the world despite ignorant barriers of sex and race blocking her way.

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Sometimes those who don't socialize much aren't actually antisocial, they just have no tolerance for drama and fake people. ~ This is my daughter Sarah.

President-elect Donald Chump, what a dumbass.

Trump - undoing all the advances of the past 60 years or so, targeting minorities and the vulnerable and making America a white supremacist's utopia again.

| 29.02.2016 | Não existe dia tranquilo nos domínios de Trump. Desta vez, a manchete de jornal associa o nome de Donald Trump a um dos grupos e episódios mais obscuros da história dos Estados Unidos. Na manhã deste domingo, o magnata se recusou a rejeitar o apoio de um conhecido supremacista branco e antigo líder da Ku Klux Klan (KKK), David Duke, às eleições dos EUA.

Donald Trump se recusa a rejeitar apoio da Ku Klux Klan

February Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump receives the enthusiastic endorsement of former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke.

Let Us Start With All The Billionaires First

We sure as hell don't want Immigrants like Donald Duck Trump who stir up and bring the Ugliness out of some of the worst people in America.