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reloj forrado con fibra

Decorate your home and office with catchy wall clock.Here are some cool ideas of how to make one by yourself. The great thing about these clocks is that they're

Pattern for super-cute hedgehog mittens :-)

How to Knit Hedgehog Mittens - DIY

How to Knit Hedgehog Mittens – DIY -> make a hedgehog and an otter one for each hand and you've got John and Sherlock! now to find an otter mitten pattern… <-the hedgehog would have to be for the right hand, because John is Sherlock's right hand man :)

I just like the gap in the stitching

need to finish my current WIP`s tho :/ Knit Flowers.I can see great uses for this, the ends of a scarf of the base to a sweater hmmmm. the design wheels are turning. I've been looking for a pretty knitted flower! This pattern is perfect!

This is a really cool idea for yarn storage... now, if you could also just install a plastic sheet for a cover over the wall. Must - protect - from - dust!

Peg Board Yarn Storage Idea - O. Think: inside a closet door! Mounted to a wall in your craft room (if you are lucky enough to have one! Inexpensive and, if you paint the pegboard, pretty!

Pattern for a Giganto knit blanket. Very easy and not too expensive if you can source out local roving. This one may have to go in the to do bucket.

DIY Gigantic Chunky Knit Blanket (complete with instructional video! Knit with PVC pipe.

Keep Calm and Carry Yarn | Urban Threads

Keep Calm and Carry Yarn. Yep - this is the Keep Calm Sign I need for my Craft Room.