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The Celtic Tree Calendar is based on the Ogham alphabet and its association with trees. It consists of 13 months, each 28 days long, following the lunar cycle, as Roman accounts have suggested the Druids did, with one extra day representing the 23rd December, the ‘Day of Creation’. Each of the 13 months is represented by a tree together with its Ogham letter.

The Celtic Tree Calendar is based on the Ogham alphabet and its association with…

Irish wisdom… always remember. Some beautiful Sayings and poems from Ireland.

For each petal on the shamrock. This brings a wish your way Good health, good luck, and happiness For today and every day.

Herbs: #Herbalists' symbols. - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

fern-goddess: “From the Witch’s Almanac Ancient herbalist and apothecary symbols.

Celtic tree lore

Trees in Celtic Mythology: Trees were hugely significant to the ancient Celts. They believed different kinds of trees served different mystical purposes that helped them through their lives. Possible wood hardness chart?

Candle colours

White Witch : Photo A white candle can be substituted for any color, if your intentions are good and true.

Irish ogam = Holly:

A quick reference guide for the Irish Ogam alphabet, with forefeda. Interpretations by Rev. Michael J Dangler. Pro Tip: if you decide to make your own set of Ogam, put little inverted “V” signs on the.