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As a Slytherin I can't even express my love for this post.

Slytherins protecting first years from other houses (during the final battle). The ONLY way I will ever accept the Slytherin house not fighting.

When someone says something is "the next Harry Potter." Do you not understand? There is no "next Harry Potter." You cannot replicate anything Harry Potter has achieved.

So true! I feel the same way about "the next Beatles"

It kind of goes without saying, but I do feel he's a bit under appreciated. Sure he's a doof sometimes and may a "saving people thing" from time to time but he's human, just like us. And considering what he goes through, we can all cut him a bit of slack.

it’s funny how the most unappreciated character in harry potter is harry potter i’ve never heard anyone answer the question ‘who’s your favourite harry potter character’ with ‘harry potter’


Basically, harry potter 's life described in one sentence, funny

Well, I'd definitely do it, but finding someone to watch it with. Granted, my manfriend did watch all the LOTR and The Hobbit films with me non stop, so he might join me for a HP marathon.

Babbling, bumbling band of baboons!

Try saying that 5 times faster. My tongue is in a knot.

Excactly Dumbledore is dumbledumb

How Remus stopped beig a DADA teacher. So much better then him being shoved out by assholes 'cos he has lycanthropy.

'Theyve got the beessstttt of both worlds! Chilling in Disney world, then go to quidditch finals  They get the best of both worlds Mix it all together and they know it's the best of both  They know it's the best of both worlds' They go to movie premiers (is that Orlando bloom?)  Hear the weird sisters on the radio Living two lives is a little weird But muggles don't have a clue

Yup, i'm happy that one of my parents a wizard and the other muggle,lol


she didnt just like kittens. she had a crazy obsession with kittens. and they seemed like bad kittens, probably spying on the golden trio

Not sure if true or not

I mean according to JK Rowling and her story behind Ilvermorny started that's quite possible, for Slytherin at least. ANd personally I like that Hufflepuff reps Wales because I'm a little bit of Welsh descent