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repinning for the last part || not just for books, but for every other word you don't know how to pronounce

in Percy Jackson books when the monsters had weird greek names and i'm just like, "Polynaksleufhcyus" tags; when you're reading a book with a hard-to-pronounce word

Wow. So basically all my potential soul makes are dead.... Or gay.... Except for Sam Gamgee and Peter Pan

So basically all my potential soul makes are dead. Or gay. Except for Sam Gamgee and Peter Pan<< well shit I am soul mates with psychopaths!

You are the best

NEW LIFE GOAL "No, no, Barnes and Nobel employees, it's okay. I'll just leave this here then.

I have been wondering the same thing for a while, this is a great idea.

I can't believe this is an actual post. I've honestly thought of this before. That and how embarrassing it would be to turn into a zombie while on the toilet < same omg looool. I need to get my braces off before this apocalypse

That would only work if they wanted the pages to be blank...because psychic paper makes you see what you want/expect to see..

Psychic paper in books. My books would have more hot dudes doing romantic yet dangerous things than they do. Though I do believe that is the reason some people don't read - they just don't have the imagination.

Oh Tris, Oh Dobby, Oh Hedwig, Oh Prim, Oh Tris' parents, Oh Sirius, Oh Augustus, Oh Remus, Oh Tonks,  Oh Fred and many many more

Reading Mockingjay when Finnick dies.and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when Fred dies.and the Glass Sword when Shade dies.and the one when the Queen died.

I would slap that teacher

I had a similar teacher who would take the book, and begin reading the page. It was really funny because a girl was reading the Lightning Theif and was a the part where Percy cut off Medusa's head. He didn't do it for a month after that

Reading<< and then we hallucinate the meaning of these words in our head

I've spent too much time thinking about this. SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS. Reading is not only one of the most beautiful things in the world, but one of the greatest gifts in life!


Being in the hunger games would be scary. But has any one read the Maze Runner? it's my favorite book series EVER! and I honestly think it would be scary then the hunger games

But that’s why you read short stories from the authors and fanfiction based on author hints about the characters.

Basically. But I love writing. And I love that I know my characters best

Being a writer, this is true. particularly when im procrastinating or have writer's block. But then again, writing is probably my favorite thing to do