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Note Passing in the Eighties (happened in the too)

aaahhh...memories of the late 80's jean nate

Jean Naté After Bath Splash had a lovely, refreshing scent. A quote from a magazine once stated that, "If a lemon went to finishing school, it would smell like Jean Naté.

Vintage Kitsch Hair Clips. I fell off my chair from the cuteness

vintage barrettes - sweet - reminds me of my childhood. they don't hold hair for shit but they are really cute.


I love the and growing up watching Gremlins was awesome. Gizmo is so cute! When are they going to remake this movie.gremlins would be RADICAL dude!

remember when.....books had pages & you understood the basics of Dewey decimal?

My 5 year old son had this in his library book.some dates from

C'mon baby, let's play house!

Password game, i still have this game entact.I hate board games but I did play this with my grandma and it holds special memories.even played it again, same game, with my sons

Supermarket Sweep(1990)_ The game consisted of 3 segments: the question round, the Big Sweep, & the Bonus Sweep. The game was played between 3 teams of two related individuals, such as a parent and child, spouses, siblings, or best friends. In the last two rounds, the team members wore sweatshirts of the same color: Team 1: Light Blue or Red, Team 2: Red or Light Blue, Team 3: Yellow.

Super Market Sweep, another great game show that I wanted to be on!

I don't know about the color coding, but we used to draw little bugs inside and call these cootie catchers!

The Cootie Catcher - Fortune Telling ~ Got a burning question you’ve just got to know the answer to like, Will I marry Scott Baio? Use a cootie catcher!

I love collecting ephemera, just look at the dates on this card! link link

Vintage library card

LIbrary Cards looked just like this. You got to sign your name on it. If it was a school library book, you would look up and down the names of the people who'd taken it out before you, to see if you knew anyone!

vintage tv tray found at ForestDaydream on Etsy.

Vintage TV Tray 1960s Metal

short legged TV Lap-Tray, perfect for munching your cereal while watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Friend & I tried to smoke these at lunch during high school to curb appetite & drop weight. (Advertised to be good for that)  only lasted 1 pack.

Friend & I tried to smoke these at lunch during high school to curb appetite & drop weight. (Advertised to be good for that) only lasted 1 pack.

I had this

Vintage Holly Hobbie lunchbox

Loved this

My favorite thing to do growing up but I had a Barbie one. Classic Toys from the and Loved these!