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meiko kaji stray cat rock - it takes some major witchery to make a maxi skirt look so tuff.

Pulp International - Posters and promo material from Stray Cat Rock Crazy Rider 71

Julie’s Collection | Amazing Pictures

Wrinkled nun smoking cigarette Norbert SCHAEFERT - I aspire to photography that depicts images as moving as this!

Vintage Japanese Poster

Vintage Japanese Advertisement Posters

Anti-black market Japanese propaganda - Violators face 3 years in prison, yen fine, 1948

KATUBO  Vintage JAPANESE BEER ADVERTS: Hand-Painted Maidens (1912-1939)  Before the Second World War, adverts in Japan for Japanese products were often produced by hand. What makes these posters for Japanese beer stand out is their genteel intricacy. Japanese lagers -Asahi, Kirin, and Sapporo – might not have  had much taste, but what the insipid brews lacked in flavor they made up for by  the artistic merit of the ads.

Here is a collection of vintage Japanese drinks and cigarettes advertisements from via ufunk


By Namio Harukawa. One of his rather innocent works to illustrate women in control/power.

Kao Soap poster. 1935

Kao Soap poster. 1935