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I think it's really cute when guys get nervous. It shows that they actually care. Especially if they are shy

It hit someone in the head and umm I got detention for being "abusive" even when it was an accident

One time when I did this my pen flew across the room and smacked my friend in the face. I had the hardest time holding back my giggles while she stared at me so confused as to why I threw my pen at her.

I still play this with the kids<< ypu were supposed yo do this woth other people? Inalways thought it was antisocial friendly

The balloon game is one of the best games that I play with my nephew and my parents. A fun time for all ages!

EXACTLY! I may screw up some. But there ain't no way if be as dumb as half the people I'm around.

My parent don't realize I'm a pretty good kid compared to a lot of teenagers these days.

Your laugh is adorable. You used to be so shy. Your jokes are hilarious and you tease me every chance you get. And man have I fallen for your eyes, your laugh, and your everything.

He's the sweetest guy I've met. He such a good person inside and out. He does all the sweet little things.

look into her eyes. what do you see? do you see constant tears trying to escape? not until she is behind closed doors. So much pain in those pretty eyes.


There's a good passivity in life, one you learn to exercise with time. If people want you in their life, after you've shown and done your part, they will make it clear to you. Simplicity is always an active positive ingredient in human relationships.

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Jerm, I love all the things you do just to put a smile on my face. I love that seeing me happy puts a smile on your face. I love having a loving relationship where we both spoil eachother.

When I was four, I thought I could speak to animals, so I would always sneak some into my room... But they always tried to turn away, so I'd end up letting them go and I'd just tell my sister, "They didn't want to be friends."

When I'm lazy I hold my hand out to see if I have the Force, then am sad when it doesn't work<<< me too. I'm disappointed every time. One where the Force exists.

I can't wait to see where this goes

I don't want a perfect boyfriend, I just want someone to act silly with, someone who treats me well and loves being with me more than anything. This is exactly what I tell people I want in a perfect boyfriend. My perfect isn't perfect