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10 Largest Temples in the World

So, what is the biggest temple in the world? To answer this question we first have to establish what a temple is. Although roughly defined as a structure reserved for religious or spiritual activities

Yoga and meditation are encouraged. Bhiksha is a devotional offering or alm presented at a temple to a swami or a religious Brahmin which in turn provides a religious service. There are 40 samskaras, which are equivalent to sacraments.

Hindu girl meditating A Hindu girl meditates at a temple in Singapore

Nandamanya Temple, Bagan, Myanmar

Yangon, Mandalay, Villa, Temples, Buddha

This is a joke making fun of the saying "YOLO," which means you only live once. But beacuse this guy is a Hindu, he reincarnates about a million times, so he always lives.  LOL. #Hinduism

Instead of the expression "YOLO" (you only live once), this modified expression "YOLA" represents the fact that Hindus believe in reincarnation. Therefore, Hindus don't only live once.

MyWebTech: Largest Hindu Temple  In India Reside In Tamil Nad...

Ankor Watt is an ancient city in Ankor, Cambodia. My husband and I felt like we were in an Indian Jones film.

Prambanan - Java Indonesia

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