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Bunny Slugga's poor bum after our intraleague bout. That is a real bruise, no touch ups or make up. Ouch! She's a deadly blocker. She plays for the Bone City Beaver Dames in the PBDC league.

This is roller derby. I had dreams as a girl to be on a roller derby team.

Awesome roller derby pic!

I'm in this photo :) Happy Valley Derby Darlins' - Spanish Fork, Utah, USA

Malachite Roller Derby Skate Bearing by DerbyGirlDesigns130

Malachite Roller Derby Skate Bearing by

Suregrip Sugar Original 62x44mm 85a Wheels 8Pk $95.00   Sure-Grip Sugar Original Wheels 8pk:  Sweet on any surface! The wheels that started a hybrid revolution.  Classic indoor size and shape but with super soft, high-rebound outdoor urethane.  Big soft lips for extra grip on the curves, and super high rebound urethane so the extra bounce aids lift in your stride so the super grippiness doesn't slow you down.

Suregrip Sugar Original 62x44mm 85a Wheels 8Pk

Great hybrid wheels, goes from outside, to slippery, or rough surfaces. Especially great when you travel to different rinks and do not want to spend a fortune swapping wheels for a different surface

So you’ve been skating for a while, and your wheels are starting to get dirty and therefore less effective when you’re skating. You’ve heard people tell you that you need to clean your wheels, but this time your wheels need to be cleaner than you can get them just by rubbing them down with a paper towel and some Windex. This tutorial explains how to remove your wheels so that you can get the best possible clean and get back to skating efficiently again. Note: this tutorial a...

Roller Derby Basics: Cleaning Your Wheels