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Similes &&& Metaphors in Pop Songs, one of my classmates shared this with our class in one of her lessons and I loved it so much that I had to share it with you all!

Similes &&& Metaphors in Pop Songs. Have student identify similes and metaphors in songs or make their own video.

A mix of Geico commercials and Frosted Mini Wheats. Great for personification. Figurative Language- Personification - YouTube

Using Mentor Texts to Teach Personification: Twighlight Comes Twice (Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans)

Idiom video- very funny!! Used it as intro. To lesson.

This video was made for an online content creation company called ADAsport at the time. I offered the company a handful of ideas for an animated short, and they…


Guided reading in gr 3-6

Everything You Need to Make Small-Group Reading Instruction Work in Your Classroom By Mary Browning Shulman In this practical resource, veteran teacher Mary Schulman provides a step-by-step guide to g

"Putting the Life Back in Upper Elementary Classrooms: One Lesson at a Time.": More Enrichment Ideas!

April is National Poetry Month, why not have your students take "selfie" shots and write "Selfie Poems! Rename the poetry project to the selfie poem

If you are teaching similes, you need this video! Kids will never forget what a simile is after seeing this one!

simile video mash-up--similes in songs. Great way to show students how what they are learning in English class relates to their lives outside of school.

FREE Figurative Language Printables   Looking for some figurative language assessments or review? Then these two free pages are for you!  Thanks for looking!  HoJo  3-5 6-8 figurative language free freebie HoJo metaphors Similes

FREE Figurative Language Printables

LA-FREE quiz/worksheet for metaphors, similes, personifications, alliteration, and onomatopoeia