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What is clean eating? How do I eat cleanly? Answers to your clean eating questions and the 6 simple guidelines for clean eating for better health.

Doctor Cures Her “Incurable” Multiple Sclerosis With Diet Alone  Dr. Terry Wahls learned how to reverse her accelerating multiple sclerosis using an evidence-based, functional medical approach that focused on nutrition alone. Using lessons she learned at the sub-cellular level, she used diet alone to cure her MS and get out of her wheelchair.

Doctor Terry Wahls Cures Her “Incurable” Multiple Sclerosis With Diet Alone

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measurements are a more accurate way to track fat loss than the scale. // I've always relied more on measurements, although watching that scale drop lbs in the past week has been nice, too! Waist has gone down by almost an inch!

Being Healthy And Fit Is So Much More Important Than Being Skinny

"Being healthy and fit is so much more important than being skinny. Women are not all built the same- Each of us are are different in size and shape. One person's weight (size) maybe healthy for them but not for you!

Understanding What is Reiki and How It Can Help with Chemotherapy, Arthritis, Headache, Multiple Sclerosis and Many More Conditions…http://www.epainassist.com/alternative-therapy/reiki-for-pain

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Multiple Sclerosis #Infographic #infografía

Higher Vitamin D Levels Could Reduce Multiple Sclerosis Risk