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Drawing Shading

Hey guys, meant to upload this right after the stream, but Here's a quick and dirty tutorial of how I shade metal, which you might find helpful. This can be done in any program that gives you acces.

At first I thought that's a weird ass cat but then I saw the rest and was like I LOVE THAT CAT

How to use a circle and proportions of a cat face to draw male anime torso. How to draw abs on a male manga figure.

Who has got the most kills in Dragon Ball / DBZ? I think it's really sad they incorporated Grandpa Gohan :( I mean I get it but still.

Who has got the most kills in Dragon Ball / DBZ?


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I have painted 25 material tetrahedrons already. I think it should be celebrated. However I wish to paint 100 material tetrahedrons. The climax is. The Material Study Collection