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oh gintoki... xD

Satan or Santa? One brings hope, one bring despair. They're more or less the same.

Ahahah that one black sheep in the family.....

Ahahah that one black sheep in the family. I mean, Umibozu

You shouldn't read this while you're eating...

The blood shed in these scenes made me the happiest person alive XD

I guess we know how Gintoki feels about the Gintoki x Hijikata fanfics & bl novels. CX #anime #manga #Gintoki

Gintoki was not in the least bit happy about the fake DVD covers Sunrise put out to increase sales. :'D I laughed so much I was on the floor in tears. ps: the wall was obliterated to nothing on this show.

One Punch Man<- I came out to have a good time and I am honestly feeling so attacked right now

My answer when I am confronted with an adult problem these days. -one punch man

Justaway!!! - gintama foto (31333758) - fanpop

foto of Justaway! for fans of gintama 31333758

Gintama ~~~ Learn from the Yorozuya! Shinpachi with the Deathnote would be bad. Very, very bad....

Anime/manga: Gintama Characters: Kagura (Sakura from Naruto (Shippuden), Gintoki (Ichigo from Bleach), and Shinpachi (Light from Death Note), Gintama. copying other Animes/Mangas since always