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Vicky verb in 2nd grade......just go easy around the eye area so your Vicky isnt as creepy! Lol

Vicky verb in grade.just go easy around the eye area so your Vicky isnt as creepy!

Angry-Verbs-Classroom-Display-Board - MyClassroomIdeas.com

Angry verbs board - teaching kids about verbs! I think I'm going to do "Angry Birds Learn Their Verbs!" and that way it will make sense that the verbs themselves aren't angry words. My students love Angry Birds!

theteachyteacher: Science, Cat's In The Bag, & Being Quirky

Fun beginning of year science activity to set expectations on how students will complete lab sheets (details, drawings, descriptions) as well has lab behavior. Fun, Easy, and Quick Prep Lab that is easy to make connections to the scientific method.

author's purpose | Author's Purpose Chart | anchor charts by octokat

INSTRUCTION- Saw this anchor chart used by my associate teacher when she was teaching reading comprehension. Students really retained the main ideas very well because of the PIE image!

My Life as a Third Grade Teacher: Five Minute Poetry

Figurative Language - Metaphor / alliteration, etc - Make heading posters, then students find examples from their just right books to write on sentence strips to hang underneath.

Fluency Strips are a great way to build confidence and fluency for beginning and/or struggling readers- 480 simple sentences that use sight words and CVC words!

Fluency Strips- 480 simple sentences to help build fluency and confidence in beginning readers. Sentences are made from sight words and decodable CVC words.

Language Arts Jeopardy! 2nd grade

Language Arts Jeopardy

Language Arts Jeopardy! 2nd grade