Tiger Striped Monkey Frog, Surinam | Gail Melville Shumway Photography.

Tiger Striped Monkey Frog, Surinam By Gail Melville Shumway

Alien Black-eyed Monkey Tree #Frog. I  think this may be my favorite frog picture yet...#Amphibians

Beautiful Alien Black-eyed Monkey Tree Frog (Phylomedusa gamba) Puerto Maldonado Rainforest Conservation Anuran, Peru - photo: Paul Bratescu on

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⊰✿ I'd kiss a frog ♔ ♡❤♡ "Hunt & Hunter” by Mustafa Öztürk :)

waxy monkey frog...

waxy monkey frog...

Waxy Monkey Tree frog                                                                                                                                                      More

Photo of one of our waxy monkey frogs sleeping under his basking lamp

Waxy Monkey Frog ~ By Sophie L. Miller.  He doesn't even look like his waxy neighbor! ???

Waxy monkey frog (Phyllomedusa sauvagii) in the Reptile House at ZSL London Zoo.


Giant Waxy Monkey Tree Frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor) in Iwokrama, Guyana - photo…

Great Macro Photos by Mark Laita: Frog and Venus Flytrap

Venus Fly Traps, beautiful but deadly. No, no little frog ! The brave little frog visits the venus fly trap but gets out safely.