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The Oth Dimension  4 Pics

the description mentions the tesseract - thought you'd want to read it. - - - Easy Way To Understand Dimensions And How The Universe Started To Exist

Obscene hand gestures from around the world. Be careful. Some of these gestures are innocent in the U.S., but have very different meanings elsewhere.

Don’t embarrass yourself: This infographic breaks down obscene hand gestures from around the world

Don't accidentally flip someone the bird when you're trying to give them the "a-ok." Here's the breakdown of obscene hand gestures around the world.

todos os tempos, completo.

English Grammar solution: Structure of All Tense, Structure of the Tense. i would probably break this chart down into different pieces but most kids have trouble when it comes to the different tenses. so this would help a lot in the classroom.

And to this day, all of these continue to be used by me.....and confuse others around me.  Perhaps that's why I continue to do it!

Keep it fancy

Funny pictures about You sound like you're from London. Oh, and cool pics about You sound like you're from London. Also, You sound like you're from London.

Лучшая шпаргалка по английскому языку | bomba.co

Лучшая шпаргалка по английскому языку | bomba.co