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Benedict knows martins feet

Benedict Martin - because only best friends can tell who you are by your feet.it's a Hobbit interview, and the only feet ever discuss are Hobbit feet, therefore, if feet are the subject, then. Ben apparently thought it through.

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One hot meme

Someone invite this man to more public events. I would invite him to every stinking one!

This is Sherlock, and Pirates of the   Caribbean, and if you watched Thor The Dark World it's also that. THOR: You're   mad! LOKI: Quite possibly, but if this was easy, everyone would do   it.

" He wanted to be a pirate". I need Jack Sparrow and Sherlock to meet one day. Maybe once Sherlock meets the Doctor he can finally go back in time to become a pirate, ( and to meet Jack Sparrow)

Show me your moves!!! (Nintendo fans get that reference)

Sherlock memes

(gif) "In which Sherlock is Lindsey Stirling. How did the internet ever survive without this.>> my orchestra teacher told us to play like Lindsey Sterling and I thought of this gif

Ah, this is so refreshing. I think I'll just stand here like this for a couple of-WAIT IT WENT UP MY NOSE THIS ISN'T FUN ANYMORE

Benedict Cumberbatch and rain. His face is just so. He just swings back and forth between resembling an insect to being the most gloriously attractive human being ever. Obviously this is one of this insect times. I just can't stop laughing!

Ehehe. :3 Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston being polite. And then Martin Freeman shows up XDD

Benedict Cumberbatch & Tom Hiddleston are too polite. I can actually see this happening.

THIS. But...not today...still waiting...why do I have to live in America and not have magical ways to watch it anyway?

still waiting.why do I have to live in America and not have magical ways to watch it anyway?<< Canadians are in the same boat, friend.

I literally don't care if I pinned this before ... I'M DOING IT AGAIN! FEEL THE BURN, Pinterest! EHEHEHEHEHE!

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