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: I've been known for sticking my quills into dogs and cats and even a horse. So don't bug me when I'm running through your yard ~ or else !

This dog can balance anything on his noggin! <3

Scout, the dog that can balance anything on his head.poor scout, but wow is that a great dog

North American Porcupine, Galatin National Forest, Montana. There are species of porcupine in many different countries; I guess they go where they want to, huh?

North American Porcupines are large rodents, belonging to the New World porcupine family. These animals are also known as the Common Porcupines or the Canadian

so cute!

so cute!

"Porcupine Looking" by Chris Harrison  "got a porkapine in your froat?"

Please don't mind my hair. I haven't been to the salon in ages. ("Porcupine Looking" by Chris Harrison.

North American Porcupine

North American Porcupine

"Teddy Bear" the talking porcupine loves pumpkin. So cute. you must watch all his videos. too cute!

Adorable Talking Porcupine Loves Pumpkin (VIDEO) Wright … You're gonna love this!

There are a number of subspecies of vervet monkeys, however typically the body is a greenish-olive or silvery-gray. The face, ears, hands, feet and tip of the tail are black, but a conspicuous white band on the temple blends in with the brief whiskers. The vervet is categorized as a medium-sized to huge monkey-males evaluate approximately 17 pounds. Its tail is usually held up, with the suggestion curving downward. Its arms and legs are about the same size. This little, black-faced monkey is…

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Green Vervet monkeys -cute, intelligent but oh so destructive in our gardens. Their population has gotten too large, having no natural predator.

Mike Bacon Photography: Porcupine

Mike Bacon Photography: Porcupine

Lemur - a somewhat curious gaze

ZooBorns: cute exotic baby animals born at zoos around the world. A baby Coquerel's Sifaka Lemur at the Bronx Zoo

Istrice,   guida animale totem del mio femminile, guerriero del gioco e della gioia maestro di relazioni e creatore di abbondanza

Close Up of a Porcupine


did you know?

Squirrels in clothing | Squirrel | Funny and Interesting New Images-Photos

Squirrel is a very cute and lovely animal, we are giving here Funniest Squirrels new images-pictures.

Switch to decaf? Never! ]Porcupines are one of the largest rodents in North America (second only to beavers).]

5 Drama Queens of the Animal Kingdom

porcupine baby

Nale and Elan, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s Porcupines, are first-time parents! Nale (nah'-lay) gave birth to a porcupette, or baby Porcupine, on May The baby was born weighing a little over a pound and appears healthy. Zoo veterinarians will not.


Jersey Girl is our newest addition to the squirrel clan.