Interesting Vintage Photos of Street Men Fashion in the 1930s

vintageeveryday: “ Interesting vintage photos of street men fashion in the ”

pioneer fashion photographers: Seeberg brothers Paris 1920s

Inspiration for Tom - seaside (Cannes / Deauville / French Riviera, France) // Early ‘street style’ photographs by French brothers Jules, Louis, and Henri Séeberger

Sarah Williams et Minnie Stephans se promenant à Washington en tenue masculine (1933) photographie de presse

Sarah Williams and Minnie Stephans, Washington, 1933 The Glen plaid suit on the right…gorgeous!

A woman on bike, circa 1890s

spats tutorial pattern diy instructions duck tape over long socks while wearing them, cut them off then use them as a pattern Festive Attyre: DIY spats pattern


Vintage Curling – Photographs, Teams, & Equipment 1900 – 1950’s

The end of Prohibition in SF.

The amendment also known as prohibition is the only amendment in U. history that has been repealed. It was repealed on December 1933 by the amendment.

1920s douchebags

14 Theodore Dreiser Short Stories You Can Read Free Online

The New Victorian Ruralist

This is more leisurewear for men during the They would wear polo shirts and sports shirts either tucked in or left out. Jackets made out of goat skin also became popular for menswear.