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All great tips. The third is my favorite. If you have existing content but are changing the solution or delivery method, the piece must have a redesign.

How to Design and Deliver eLearning Content Infographic - e-Learning Infographicse-Learning Infographics

8 Steps for an Awesome eLearning Storyboard http://elearningbrothers.com/8-steps-for-an-awesome-elearning-storyboard/ #eLearning #InstructionalDesign #eLearningStoryboard

8 Steps for an Awesome eLearning Storyboard Infographic - e-Learning Infographicse-Learning Infographics

The ADDIE Instructional Design model as an infographic

[INFOGRAPHIC] The ADDIE Model: A Visual Representation

Usign the 5 Cs for eLearning Visuals Infographic - http://elearninginfographics.com/usign-5-cs-elearning-visuals-infographic/

The Using the 5 Cs for eLearning Visuals Infographic presents a simple approach to creating effective visuals for eLearning by considering the 5 Cs. from eLearning Infographics

R541 - Instructional Theory Infographic V1.0

First post in a long time! – Instructional Design Theories Infographic

Instructional-design theories and models: A new paradigm of instructional theory Infographic designed by M. RICARDO FLORES and based on the edited work of Charles Reiguluth.

Incredible Authoring Tools for Developing First-Rate Online Courses – An Infographic

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