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I got myself an Apple Watch today. What do you think? I'm an Apple fanboy and can't wait to get the REAL thing soon.

diet starts monday comic

Tomorrow: Diet starts after the holidays. After the holidays: Diet starts in Diet starts after the zombie apocalypse. Zombie apocalypse: I'll diet when I'm dead! Brains in modest portions.

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Do It Right

Wouldn't this encourage stupid kids to play with the stove?

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Hate campaign at gong for NHS whistleblower

In Language Arts, the people in the front seats are victims to these spit attacks.


Who cares about Alex from target. Im with Daquan from staples! Lol :p<<<< nah bruh I'm with Daquan from staples!

jugular vein

Jugular veins are a major vein in the body. All medical students need to know every major vein and artery.

Leslie I died laughing at this and thinking of you but instead of cat it's dogs and instead of brunch it's ootd Bahahaha

Instagram and crazy people…

"That's my face. That's my face. That's my face. That's my face. That's my cat. That's my cat. That's my cat.

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