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Abby Cook

Saw one of these guys this morning - he was a grey cousin though not our lovely native red variety. No doubt he was scouting around for food

Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed  Coffee Loving Squirrel 5x7 by instantt, $15.00

Squirrel With Coffee Cup Bright eyed & bushy tailed <b>coffee</b> loving <b>squirrel</b> by instantt

Alternative Gardning: The Best Squirrel Feeder

This squirrel feeder is so cute and was bigger than I imagined. We hung it on one of our trees the day we got it and I looked outside this morning when I woke up and there was one the squirrels using it and enjoying his corn cob!

✞The Voice of Truth ✞ /// Red Squirrel.

Albert's squirrel or tassel eared squirrel. Kaweechelchen - Pinned by Mak Khalaf little squirrel Animals by escherbierger

"dude, can you get out?  I picked up a couple o' chicks."

Squirrel: "Good Morning Kitty-Cat, the ducks and I were wondering what time your Mistress would be serving us our breakfast?

Squirrel Nut balls 1/2 cup organic, unsalted, unsweetened peanut butter 1/4 cup sesame seeds, unsalted* 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds, unsalted, hulled* 1/3 cup plain rolled oats 2 tsp flour 2 Tbsp water

Wild Squirrel Treats-Squirrel Nut Balls Just made a batch of these & fed to squirrels this morning. Going to have to make another batch already!

Albino squirrel turned up this morning #aww #Cutesquirrels #squirrel #boopthesnoot #cuddle #fluffy #animals #aww #socute #derp #cute #bestfriend #itssofluffy #rodents #squirrelsofpinterest

Albino squirrel turned up this morning #aww #Cutesquirrels #squirrel #boopthesnoot #cuddle #fluffy #animals #aww #socute #derp #cute #bestfriend #itssofluffy #rodents #squirrelsofpinterest

Rocky & Bullwinkle Show: my absolute favor cartoon series, especially the "Fractured Fairy Tales" segment. I learnt only later in life that these cartoons were meant to be appreciated by both kids and adults. Rocky wasn't the kind of squirrel who would steal bird food, but if you  need some ideas for squirrel-proof bird feeders (and other wild bird supplies), check out this resource: http://landscaping.about.com/od/helpforconsumers1/tp/bird_supplies.htm

Rocky & Bullwinkle Show: "watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat", I loved these cartoons, especially the "Fractured Fairy Tales" segment.