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With a sticky vinyl texture, these Realistic Sticky Frogs make a delightfully devilish way to creep out trick-or-treaters and .

Squeezable Sticky Frogs - OrientalTrading.com

Squeezable Sticky Frogs

Give these bead-filled vinyl pond friends a good squeeze!

Sticky Frogs

Guests jump for joy when they receive these sticky frogs in their goody bags! If you are planning a party, holiday event, or want affordable Christmas .

24 Squishy STRETCHY FROGS Kids Birthday Party Favors 2 Dozen Fun 12/2618

Create a whimsical environment when you decorate with these 1 vinyl frogs! Add these stretchy frogs to rainforest party favors or .

Colorful Mini Frogs - $8.50 / 72 or 12 cents/ea. When I see/hear frogs, I think Spring! (OTC)

Colorful Mini Frogs

Colourful Mini Frogs Assortment Create a froggy themed rainforest in your home when you decorate with these vinyl frogs! You could also add these mini frogs to goody bags or loot boxes. Kids love to play with these colourful frogs.

Vinyl Pearlized Squishy Frogs

A great way to get students in the hang of adding and subtracting with in is to play frog jump with them. You can do it physically or using small frog toys, this way you have the attention of the student and there learning at the same time.

Tissue pom poms - Green Frog Party pom - Birthday, shower decoration

Items similar to Tissue pom poms - Green Frog Party pom - Birthday, shower decoration on Etsy

Sticky Jack-O’-Lanterns - OrientalTrading.com

Sticky Jack-O’-Lanterns

What can you catch in your candy stash? Pass these Sticky Jack-O’-Lanterns out to trick or treaters as an fun-filled alternative to candy this year.

Frog Stress Toys - OrientalTrading.com

Frog Stress Toys

Leap into a relaxed state by giving these Frog Stress Toys a little squeeze! Stress toys like these squishy frog toys make great gifts for friends with a .