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"It’s a reality that has been envisioned for decades: a “doc in a box” that uses technology to provide diagnoses and other medical services from a distance."- Paul Sisson of U-T San Diego

Kaiser Permanente is testing a self-contained telemedicine system called a HealthSpot in San Diego with county workers.

Improved Patient Engagement for Better Outcomes and a Higher Level of Care

Rita’s Medical Center successful pilot with Epic's MyChart Bedside improved patient engagement for better outcomes

Healthspot Marcs.jpg Cleveland Clinic and Marc's team up for HealthSpot, a remote video conferencing booth where a patient can communicate with medical professionals when their family physician is not available.

Clinic launches HealthSpot kiosks in Marc's stores on East Side

Cleveland Clinic launches HealthSpot kiosks in Marc's stores on East Side

St. Francis readies $120M health IT makeover

Francis Hospital in January 2012 it wasn't long before the chief information officer was tasked with leading one of the medical center's most complex projects in recent memory.

Winslow indian health services Picture

Winslow indian health services Picture

watching the tele medicine take off

Mobile devices help people monitor their health and manage chronic diseases via New York Times

Whether you’re in the mood for a vintage drama or a wacky comedy, these Scrubs reader picks will be sure to entertain you as they have many nurses from generations past.

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"Fresh from deals with strategic partners Xerox and Rite Aid, telemedicine kiosk provider HealthSpot is expected to detail a new round of funding of more than $11 million from four investors soon."- Stephanie Baum of MedCity News

"Retail health clinics seeking telemedicine, mobile technology to grow presence"-Dan Verel of MedCity News