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Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker talks to Shannon about the importance of down ticket elections, highlighting several key races in the Commonwealth of Virginia. They discuss the relationship between state and local campaigns and the manner in which that coordination affects candidates up and down the ticket. The Authentic Woman, hosted by Shannon Fisher, offers personal and societal perspectives on the American experience. The show delves deeply into the worlds of…

Down Ticket Elections: Susan Swecker on The Authentic Woman w/ Shannon Fisher

Cenk Uygur - The Young Turks. News Targeting Millennials.   The Young Turks is, an online news media organization with format and content targeting millennials. TYT boasts an online news network of more than 30 channels with more than 4 billion views on YouTube.

By Targeting Millennials, The Young Turks Dominate Online News

Historian Harvey J. Kaye - The Fight for the Four Freedoms: What Made FDR and the Greatest Generation Truly Great.   The book examines the heart and soul of the Greatest Generation, as well as the four fundamental freedoms FDR envisioned for America, as outlined in his famous January 6, 1941 speech:  Freedom of Speech and Expression Freedom of Every Person to Worship God in His [or Her] Own Way Freedom from Want Freedom from Fear

The Four Freedoms: Harvey J. Kaye on The Authentic Woman with Shannon Fisher

Shannon Fisher Interviews Jerroll Sanders About The SCOTUS Petition Reqesting A New Election by Authors on the Air on SoundCloud

Shannon Fisher Interviews Jerroll Sanders About The SCOTUS Petition Reqesting A New Election by Authors on the Air on SoundCloud

Dr. Sheri Meyers -  Chatting or Cheating. We examine the shocking ease with which we slide down the slippery slope from an innocent friendship to a full-blown affair in today's technology-driven world. Dr. Sheri is a regular contributor to ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, television and radio talk shows, and the Huffington Post.

Chatting or Cheating - Dr. Sheri Meyers on The Authentic Woman w/ Shannon Fisher

Ali Davis - The Second City and True Porn Clerk Stories.  We discuss Ali's experiences as an improv performer, including three years with The Second City touring company, and her book, True Porn Clerk Stories, a collection of vignettes born of a popular blog in which Ali shares the hilarious stories of her experiences as a video store clerk.

The Authentic Woman - with Host Shannon Fisher and Special Guest Ali Davis

Autism Spectrum Disorder - Panel Discussion with a developmental pediatrician, a therapist and two mothers. Dr. Evie Frazier - Dr. Frazier is a developmental-behavioral pediatrician at Bon Secours Developmental & Special Needs Pediatrics who specializes in autism spectrum disorder. Dr. Kathy Matthews - Dr. Matthews is the Executive Director of Education at The Faison School for Autism. She also serves as the CABAS Senior Behavior Analyst at Faison.

Exploring Autism on The Authentic Woman with Shannon Fisher

World Renown Psychic Lorrie Kazan was named one of the world's top psychics by the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies. Many call Kazan their ?secret weapon? for making better decisions and experiencing greater success. She is also an award-winning writer with an MFA in Writing. Her extensive knowledge of psychology and the psychic sciences reflect a life-long interest in deepening her understanding of human nature. Filled with one-minute meditations and "Just For Today&quot...

World Renown Psychic Lorrie Kazan on The Authentic Woman with Shannon Fisher

Megan Murphy - Bloomberg News Washington Bureau Chief.  The impact of political commentary on the public, elections, and journalism

Megan Murphy - Bloomberg News Washington Bureau Chief. The impact of political commentary on the public, elections, and journalism

Returning to the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network after a winter sabbatical, Shannon Fisher welcomes her first guest of the 2015 season to The Authentic Woman: Author and Theatre Scholar, Jennifer-Scott Mobley. Mobley is the Immediate Past President of the Women and Theatre Program of the Association of Theatre in Higher Education. Holding a PhD in Theatre Studies from The City University of New York Graduate Center, an MFA in Dramaturgy and Theatre Criticism from Brooklyn College…

Jennifer-Scott Mobley on The Authentic Woman with Shannon Fisher

The Honorable Alice Borodkin will be Shannon's guest tonight to discuss her book, Caught Between the Bettys (Betty Crocker & Betty Friedan). Caught Between the Bettys offers Borodkin's perspective on the female experience in America in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s and the societal changes she witnessed as feminism gradually entered the scene. Alice Borodkin served in the Colorado House of Representatives for eight years, before being term limited in 2009. Alice is a graduate and F...

Caught Between the Bettys, Alice Borodkin on The Authentic Woman, Shannon Fisher

Shannon Fisher is thrilled to welcome notorious Celebrity Relationship Therapist, Dr. Gilda Carle, as her guest this week! The New York Times has called Dr. Gilda "the busiest television therapist in the business," as she has been seen and heard on countless news programs and talk shows for decades. Gilda has authored 15 books and several columns for news organizations, including regular advice columns for Match.com and The Today Show. She has been interviewed for newspaper and mag...

Gilda Carle, on The Authentic Woman with Shannon Fisher

The Use of Images in Social Media - American University Panel Discussion. Panel: Director of Media Entrepreneurship at American University Amy Eisman Managing Editor of American University’s Investigative Reporting Workshop Lynne Perri American University Professor of Communication Scott R. Talan, who specializes in public and strategic communication

In part 3 of the National Press Club’s series on social media, NPC member Shannon Fisher leads us through a roundtable discussion of the use of images in social media.

This week, The Authentic Woman host, Shannon Fisher, welcomes Heather Powell, an NYC-based actress, singer & songwriter. Heather discovered her love of Musical Theatre at an early age, while traveling the world as an "Army Brat" during her father's career in the U.S. Army. She received a B.A. in Theatre & English from The College of William and Mary, and then embarked upon world travel of her own as an officer in the U.S. Army. Heather has had a rare view of the world i...

Singer/Songwriter Heather Powell on The Authentic Woman with Shannon Fisher

The State of Women's Rights in America. Terry O'Neill, President of the National Association for Women (NOW), and Karen Teegarden, President of UniteWomen.org.

The State of Women's Rights - Terry O'Neill & Karen Teegarden w/ Shannon Fisher

In honor of Healthy Vision Month, this week Shannon Fisher will interview The National Eye Institute's Dr. Rachel Bishop about eye health, common eye problems, and how we can take better care of our eyes in a preventative manner. Dr. Bishop is the Chief of the Consult Service Section of the Office of the Clinical Director at the National Eye Institute, part of the National Institutes of Health, which is part of the Department of Health and Human Services. She performs eye examinations on...

Rachel Bishop, National Eye Institute, The Authentic Woman w/ Shannon Fisher