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build your own burger bar. by marcy

A MINI BURGER BAR! This is a FABULOUS idea! So great for a kids b-day party! I might have to try this for April's next party and with the Float Bar again hmmm. Can't go wrong with mini burgers at a 3 year holds party.

Best Gift Ever!  My best friend emailed 40 of my friends and asked them to write (email back) a message for my birthday. She then printed and laminated each message, hole punched it & tied each one to a balloon.  Some were short and sweet, others were long, heart-felt loving messages about how knowing me has affected each of their lives...I cried through most of them.  Huge impact...I still have the messages to this day.

Email her family/friends asking for messages, write each down and put inside a balloon, turn up at her flat with the balloons. I this doesn't work out just buy 18 balloons

Painted pallets

Pallets have become the mainstay for creating inexpensive storage, furniture, decoration for home or retail display. These boxes made from pallets are a cheep, cheep way to make lifts for display. The best part of using the pallet boxes is that they can

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