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Keyboard Art from the October, 1948 issue of Popular Mechanics.

Typewriter Keyboard Art From 1948

Vintage Typewriter Ascii Art from 1948 is amazing, making beautiful images and drawings before Computers were even around using typewriters font.

Le Révélateur // Fakeaway Haptics (excerpt). Visuals by Sabrina Ratté and sound by Roger Tellier-Craig.

Synth Sights and Sounds Invite You into a Hyperreal World [Premiere]

Lisa Brenneis. Created a way for users to quickly learn Final Cut.

Lisa Brenneis. Created a way for users to quickly learn Final Cut.

Jelly moon!

"Lunar Escape" by Flying Mouse (Chow Hon Lam) is the result of Flying Mouse's project of doing one design per day for a whole year. 1 design a day, 365 designs a year.

Pinselkunst in der Fotografie – by Sebastiaan Bremer

Dutch artist Sebastiaan Bremer specializes in collage photos. His dreamy imagery is bathed in sunshine and ink designs that resemble confetti.

Nicolas Geiser Gold & Silence - laque sur photographie, 2007

Nicolas Geiser ~ "Gold & Silence" laque sur photographie via curseofthemultiples

Benjamin Huseby – Weeds & Aliens

Benjamin Huseby’s Weeds & Aliens

Scout creates uncompromising tools and personal furnishings for the outdoors.

Image from http://www.slu.edu/Images/sluma/Angelfire-NM_250.jpg.

Michael Eastman is a American self taught photographer, who was born in He has spent thirty years capturing the essential nature.