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Get out of Goverment run schools and let the kid learn how the real world works!!

Used home-school curriculum for sale. Very limited time! homeschool, home school - help young mom pay medical bill and clean out school room

i need this someday

Please excuse the mess, the children are making memories. Love it :) except mine would say, "Please Excuse the Mess, WE are making memories.

Quote from Wendy Priesnitz explaining that school is an experiment and encouraging homeschooling.  More inspiring quotes at:  www.homeschool-activities.com

Quote from Wendy Priesnitz encouraging homeschooling. Some encouraging words for homeschooling families :)

The best lessons learned in our homeschool are always from the textbooks. Said no homeschooler ever.

Yes, my teacher tells us to avoid reading our Algebra book all together!

Inspirational quotes, ideas and activities from one of the very few #homeschooling families taught at home myself. www.homeschool-activities.com

If you don't understand something, it just needs to be explained so that you get it- it doesn't mean that you are unintelligent!

Oh no! I forgot to socialize the kids! #homeschool

Actually, there are a LOT of ways you can socialize your Home-School children! if you don't understand the importance of this and/or figure out how, then maybe, you shouldn't be Home-Schooling you children in the first place.


Homeschool Gains- "Count the gains. Not the losses. We truly gain so much when…

So what if I have a huge apple-shaped calendar next to my dining table. It gives me character. :)

Mark Your Calendar for the Biggest Homeschool Curriculum Sale EVER

So what if I have a huge apple-shaped calendar next to my dining table.