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Sim Card Seizure

Sim Card Seizure

One time I heard he was shot during a republican speech and he kept reading the bloody papers.

One time I heard he was shot during a republican speech and he kept reading the bloody papers.// Teddy Roosevelt, the badass

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Ain't that the truth

I find memory can be a beautiful thing yet a curse. It holds precious things from your past, victories, happiness, etc. But it can also hold your failures and things that have hurt you. Keep the good memories close and forget the bad ones.

For just a moment, open your mind and think what would you do if you were little Charlotte's parents. As opposed to an induced coma just so her body can be at rest from enduring over 300 seizures a week!

I did an essay in English last semester on this little girl and her journey! It's truly amazing what WEED, A NATURAL PLANT HARVESTED FROM GOD, has done for people with epilepsy! If only the ignorant people would actually do their research!

Yes! This is exactly what I want people to do. I appreciate when the people are calm and explain to me the length of time and a brief run down of what happened.

Would you know what to do if she had a seizure? I'm not an epileptic but I have frequent seizures.

Share your story! If you've been wondering what other people are going through or feeling like your alone in this world, read other people's perceptions & comments about their own epilepsy. If you feel up for sharing, tell your story too!

A brief seizure starting in one area of the brain, the person remains alert and able to interact. This term replaces simple partial seizure.

Guess it comes with the territory.  It's no longer new or shiny. "Friends" & "family" only want to hear positives. And if you don't have only positives then somehow that seems to negate your classiness to them.  I can't imagine anyone having to do this alone. Actually, I can imagine it. It is what I've been doing. I just can't imagine WHY "friends" & "family" let someone do it on their own. Or let me. I'm done with the part-timers who expect rose colored lives. Bye.