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sherlock being so desperate to not care about mycroft’s death that he starts using again and leaves a list of everything he’s taken on mycroft’s grave

This is absolutely beautiful and just wonderful. Truly awesome. Whoever wrote this needs to seriously consider becoming an author.

Yes, I know this is long. But its an awesome fanfic of the Sherlock characters as professors at Hogwarts!<-----omgomgomg I thought he was on the Hogwarts train before I even clicked on it! I LOVE this.

Sherlock ~ Moriarty

we're excited a murderous psychopath is back from the dead. Sherlock/ Harry Potter--- he who must be staying alive! I lost it!


Amusing height difference by ~FowlHunter on deviantART Best comments-- "This reminds me of the scene in The Two Towers between Legolas and Gimli." --> "Shall I describe it to you, John? Or would you like me to find you a box.


When Sherlock and Harry potter collide the fandoms die.<the Doctor needs to be added,to help them with the timey wimey thingy that goes DING when there's stuff!and Dean,and all them hunt down Voldermort with Harry!I AM THE FUTURE!

I love Martin Freeman!!!

Martin Freeman, with Benedict Cumberpatch laughing in the background.

Can we just look at this for a second?!

Harry Potter and Merlin<<<its funny cuz they are the two most powerful wizards in the world? Look at Colins face!

Yay crossovers!!

my heart! The Frozen feels plus my Sherlock feels! "Do you wanna play deductions?" Yikes thanks for ruining frozen and sherlock for me. So many feels.