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raney nickel.

raney nickel.

I absolutely love this. So many people in this world seriously need to understand how true this is.

I love you guys :) xx That one person is God ( tbe one true God from the Bible)! He loves you no matter what, even if he may be sad you sinned He always loves you! (Iean how can He not love your imperfections, He made them!

Public education, any fans of unschooling here? - Imgur

Public education, any fans of unschooling here?

Also INFJ This was me in middle school. I would sleep or read under my desk (or just think) the ENTIRE day because I already knew more than the teacher.

l o l

Excuse me while I introvert

Introvert Problems: I’d love to hang out with you, but I need to be alone today. If I have any social interaction in the next 24 hours, someone will die.

lol or never mind about the dog, beware of the owner lmao

"Yeah, seriously, my dog will run under the big chair but the cat bites! My dog will be your best friend but don't cross my cat!