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Plus Ca Change

Minimalist Art, Composition, Chevron, Cas, Squares, Minimalism Art

Tripping The Light

Color Combinations, Trips, Viajes, Color Combos, Places To Travel, Traveling, Travel

606 Club

Album Covers, Gap, Twin, Backgrounds, Twins, Backdrops

Milking It

Weights, Planes, Milk, Squares, Airplanes, Aircraft, Weight Training, Airplane, Kettlebells

Storing and making your own spice mixes. Here are 13 of my most used spice mixes. I also cover freezing herbs. #beselfreliant

DIY Spice Mixes And Herb Tips

~ DIY Spice Mixes & Herb Tips~Info on storing herbs with olive oil in silicone ice cubes in the freezer, right on hand for soups or sauces; along with other spice mix recipes!

Thrice NY Chimes

Small Canvas


Hand Shapes

The Submarine Models

The Submarine Models Im slightly concerned about an empty area in the top/right corner of The Submarine Models but like the way one of the panels fits the spaces of the panel gaps and the other floats above them.

Scars of Bremen

Mailbox, Bremen, Composition, Letter, Post Box, Mail Boxes, Letters, A Letter

Behind The Timeline

Timeline, Gap

Milking It by timelapse

– hum of electric float/milkman’s whistle/glass bottles/red,silver and gold bottle tops (dairy sign)/blue and white striped apron/white fabric and plastic peaked cap/order book and small pencil.

Bucket irrigation system. Could be hung on an old clothesline post. The article mentions filling the buckets with water, but I would use it as a rainwater collection system. Close the valve on rainy days then open it when the garden needs water.

Chapin Bucket irrigation kit- used by missionaries in world countries and costs about 7 dollars to irrigate two 50 rows. Its effective, cheap and simple. Fill the buckets times daily and thats it.

White Elephant

White Elephant, Elephants, Elephant

Nameless by timelapse

Nameless by timelapse