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Love love love this! 20 rules women should live by

20 things to live by. Love this! You don't have to listen to how other people want you to live your life. Live it your way. Do your things. Make your own mistakes. Live life for YOU while you still can.

motivation for working out - Google Search

STOP saying I'll start tomorrow! The perfect time to start something is today. What is something you tell yourself "I'll do it tomorrow" ?

hairdressing problems

I buy the bobby pins and my mom steals them and swear its hers lol

21 ways the Oregon Trail game traumatized you as a child

21 Ways The Oregon Trail Traumatized You As A Child

"Everyone in your party has died." 21 ways Oregon Trail Traumatized You as a Child


So ridiculously true.

a pretty girl is nothing if she has an ugly heart.ok ugly and mean are two different things.