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It's a tough job correcting scientifically inaccurate jokes, but someone's got to do it.

they make cute physics jokes

‘Terminal Velociraptor’ Photographic Print by Nathan Joyce

<b>Biology: the only science where multiplication and division mean the same thing.</b>

15 Jokes That Only Biologists Will Fully Understand

15 Jokes That Only Biologists Will Fully Understand. I'm no biologist, and I understand this.

Little weird since Jupiter's moons are named after the god's affairs lol Planets characters

The planets, personified

Adorable Pun Illustrations - Food, Object or Animal by Jaco Haasbroek are Innocently Clever (GALLERY)

Adorable Pun Illustrations

Seal of Approval {Adorable Pun Illustrations : Food, Object or Animal}

The Thing About Dimensions

The Thing About Dimensions

See how Dimensions layer in a fractal way?

We wouldn't have it any other way.

19 Pictures That Prove Tumblr Is The Most Savage Place On Earth

Euro is pronounced "oi-roh" not "your-o" but ok

unicorns are awesome!

Unicorns, I love them. Unicorns, I love them. Uni uni unicorns, I love them.


One of the issues with being a technology friendly school is that students take advantage and no longer want to practice important skills like note taking. I experience this in my classroom everyday.

why can't my teachers be this cool?? by oldrose

Here are some awesome and geeky teachers that are doing it right. My personal fave is setting the wasp on fire and the gym teacher/ archer.