For a small-space desk, try a clear lucite table. Find 24 ideas to decorate apartments:

26 Ideas to Steal for Your Apartment

Shine On In any small space, using mirrors is a decorating trick that works wonders. They reflect light and make a space feel bigger. Hang a large mirror in your apartment's dining space, living room, or bedroom across from a window, so it is in a prime p

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Surprising Decor Tips For Small Spaces

15 Small Spaces That'll Make You Want To Redesign Your Entire Life #refinery29  A children's rug is less expensive and better suited to small space living than a similar style from an adult-oriented outlet....

15 Inspiring Photos Of Super Smart Small Spaces

11 Small-Space Living Tricks From Real-Life Apartments #refinery29  Let it float.   Even in the tiniest of bedrooms, you can fit two bedside tables. You just have to rethink the dimensions. Reiss used two smaller, two-tiered floating shelving units on each side of this lovely bed. These pieces give you just enough space to put a good read, your trusty smartphone, and a glass of water — all while freeing up floor space underneath. ...

Small Space Living Tips - Real Apartment Decor, Storage

Over the holiday break, I became really inspired to fix up my bedroom. I’m lucky enough to have a pretty big bedroom, but I have so much stuff that it easily gets cluttered, messy, and completely disorganized. I was so sick of looking at clothes on the floor because they couldn’t fit in my drawers, … Read More

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33 Best Small Space Design Tips — By You, Apartment Therapy Readers!

33 Best Small Space Design Tips

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