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I love Sam sometimes. Remember lollipops and candy canes? 3x08 A Very Supernatural Christmas

A Very Supernatural Christmas.very emotional to see the Winchester brothers portrayed as kids. Had to be a hard life not having Dad there. These young actors did a great job at getting the mannerisms right. >>>even as a kid Sammy was sassy

Paralyzer - Supernatural/ Dean && Sam

Dean and Sam, the gorgeous Winchester brothers. Demon hunter extrordinares, known to save damsels in distress and have fun while doing it.

Oh my gosh!!! They even got the casting right!!! This is just so amazing!!!

Oh my gosh! They even got the casting right! This is just so amazing!>> You know that Jensen Ackles was supposed to play Captain America, right? But they changed to Chris Evans cause shooting clashed with supernatural.

Dean, with the sword, in a bathrobe

If i had to describe Supernatural with one picture. XD<< I mean maybe season one but if you wanna accurately display the entire show just right one world "Feels"

Sam lost his shoe........i havent stopped laughing

My favorite episode when Sam's luck drops and he loses his shoe Sam.